Woodn Ornans is the two-faced technical covering conceived to best meet the demands of contemporary Architecture and Interior Design. Lightness, thickness, variable density, and easy installation make this product applicable on any surface - curved or flat - and even with other materials  metals, fabrics, stone.

Woodn Ornans, available in 100 or 33 mm formats, can even be thermoformed to cover even the most complex surfaces and literally go beyond the limits of matter. Colours and formats may be alternated, using either the smooth or textured sides as desired, for absolute freedom of design and composition. The rich selection of accessories  special profiles for skirting, edges, inside and outside corners - complete this collection that is outstanding for its versatility.



Woodn Versatilis is a special series of profiles with various standard or customised sections, ideal for creating any type of highly energy-efficient exterior covering. This is a complete and flexible system for coverings, brise soleil, fence, enclosures, and ceilings. Woodn Versatilis is outstanding for its light weight, strength, and resistance to fire, water, and wind.



Woodn Modulatus is an indoor-outdoor covering available in boards of various formats and colours. This product offers spectacular decorative and aesthetic possibilities.

It can be used to create coverings for walls, ventilated faades, and false ceilings. Woodn Modulatus boards can be arranged either vertically or horizontally to provide the designer with the utmost creative freedom.

The range of Modulatus profiles also includes a special five-strip profile that can be used to cover furniture and fittings.