Perforated Beauty

The Indoor Sports Hall is at the center of the sports activities in Slovenia. It has developed as an Iconic project in the country, reflecting the sporting achievements of local talent and growth of the country as a major force to reckon with in the world sports arena.

The Indoor Sports hall was developed as a Municipal Sports activity centre, which would house all the indoor playgrounds in the region. The brief given to Alubond U.S.A. was to cover the window opening from the disturbing impact of the sun. This is essential for player focus and even match conditions in indoor sports. However, an Opaque structure wasn’t preferred as the client felt a strong need for the soft lighting during Dusk. The primary goal was to ‘Modify light in an aesthetic manner’.

Alubond U.S.A. Panels are flexible and easy to fabricate and install. This perforation for the project was designed by ENOTA design studio and perforation was made using a CNC machine.

The Alubond U.S.A. solution consisted of Solid Aluminum Composite PVDF panels. These were fabricated and installed as perforated cladding with distinctive flower patterns. This ensured that the soft light during dusk was allowed in and the pattern glowed. At the same time, the indoor developments in the evening light reflected on the façade openings. This added to the attractiveness of the event and the structure.

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