Eco-Friendly Composite Panel

The ALUBOND GREEN Composite Panel is an ECO FRIENDLY facade that focuses on minimizing a buildings CARBON FOOTPRINT and making significant contributions to the SUSTAINABILITY of a building structure.

The reduced carbon footprint of Alubond Green is achieved through a 3 Tier Contribution:

  • Maximum utilization of POST CONSUMER RECYCLE CONTENT (PCR) in the raw materials used.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY measures during its product life cycle.
  • THERMAL REFLECTIVE COOLING offered during usage of product.


Total Solar Reflectance

Thermal Reflective Solar Cool Coating

The Alubond Green SOLAR COOL COATING offers a THERMAL REFLECTANCE property that aids in cutting off the heat transferred to a building structure and enhance thermal comfort.

REDUCTION of up to 20% is achieved in INTERNAL TEMPERATURES of applied structures when used with Alubond U.S.A ABTI Substructure.

Subsequent SAVINGS in a buildings air conditioning and drop in ENERGY CONSUMPTION lead to further reduction in buildings CARBON FOOTPRINT and increase in its SUSTAINABILITY.



Energy Efficient Green Production

The Alubond Green Panels are manufactured using energy efficient production lines consuming 50% less energy for production as compared to standard industry production lines.


Alubond Greens Sustainability Circle & Energy Savings

An additional feature of the Alubond Green Composite Panel is that it is 100 % RECYCLABLE POST USAGE and can be reintroduced back into its product supply chain to complete the sustainability cycle.



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